The Best Online Fantasy Football Sites

This is Ultimate Collection of THE BEST FANTASY FOOTBALL SITES on the web!  If you are looking for the top Fantasy Football Sites, Daily Fantasy Football Sites, and the best Fantasy Football Research Sites we provide you information to decide which is the BEST Fantasy site for you. BOFFS lists the Best Fantasy Football Sites on the web focusing on NFL Fantasy Football Sites, Fantasy Football research and Fantasy Football tools for the Ultimate Fantasy freak!




The Mac Daddys!

Fanduel  –
fanduel is evolution in motion!  They spent millions on advertising so EVERYONE has heard of them. They seem to be taking a more stealthy approach and I think this will serve them well….to stay off the radar of the Gambling police!  The site is well laid out, they offer Fantasy play for many sports.  You can play for as little as $1 and it’s downright addicting! Wait, I probably should use the word addicting.

Draft Kings – Daily Fantasy Football – Daily Fantasy Football

raft Kings is cut from the same cloth as Fanduel and is a Daily Fantasy stud!  Play against your friends or in open play, it’s easy, fun, enjoyable, rewarding!  Well, rewarding is a subjective term but we at find it very rewarding.

More Daily Fantasy Sites:

Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy  –

Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports
Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports

ahoo Sports has been a major player in the Fantasy space and now they recently threw their hat into the ring with payout style Daily Fantasy…I mean, why not right?  The site looks a little complex and due to it being relatively new to the game, I suspect it will evolve.  One thing that we noticed is that they seem to be dedicated to fair play and that can provide some comfort for the online player.  Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy offers Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Soccer.  It’ll be interesting to see if the Daily Fantasy space becomes diluted but hey, competition is good for all of us!

Star Fantasy Leagues  –
Star Fantasy Football League
Daily Fantasy Sports sites are in full take-off mode.  If Daily Fantasy Sports doesn’t get the ole heave ho, look for a saturation to take effect.  Star Fantasy Leagues looks legit.  It doesn’t have a sports look and feel, more of a betting spirit going on.  We’re not familiar with the play of Star Fantasy Leagues, but we hope to give it a whirl in the next week or so and we’ll provide an update at that time.  In the mean-time, take a look at their site….it looks like a winner and maybe you’ll be too!

Fantasy League Sites


Yahoo Fantasy Sports  –
Yahoo Fantasy Football
Yahoo Fantasy Sports is a mainstay in the Fantasy League space.  It’s been around a while and provides stable and easy to use league management tools to create a dynasty league!  One of our fav’s!

Fox Sports Fantasy  –
Fox Sports Fantasy Football
Fox Sports continues to be a major player in Fantasy Sports.  Not the best when it comes to news on players but in general it’s a solid Fantasy sports option.

CBS Sports Fantasy –
CBS Sports Fantasy Football
CBS Sports isn’t something that screams out at Fantasy fans but it quietly continues to be a very credible option for all things Fantasy.  Not as sexy perhaps as some but it’s been offering league play for many years.

ESPN Fantasy Football
ESPN Fantasy sports in our humble opinion is probably the best…or at least it’s our favorite. But ESPN is all about sports, nothing else so they should be right?  The Fantasy portal has plenty of information to help foster decisions and the ESPN Insider (Monthly subscription required) can be a difference maker to give you a leg up on your Fantasy competition.  The site is laid out well and the overall league environment brings all of the players together very well.

NFL  –
NFL Fantasy Football
Well, you can’t go wrong if you’re playing Fantasy Football and you use NFL.COM as your commissioner site.  Solid contender, not sure if it does anything that they others don’t.  They have non-biased coverage of players, injuries, news and updates much like the others.  NFL.COM is certainly worth the try. 

Fantasy Football Research Sites

Rotoworld  –
Rota World NFL Fantasy News
Rotoworld is probably our overall favorite.  Tons of current and relevant information on this site.  Easy to get to headlines and honestly, this may be the only site that you need.

s always, an all sports network is hard to beat.  One of the difference makers is the credibility of people like Chris Mortensen and their ability to get breaking news on players before anyone else.

Football Guys  –
ootball Guys has a great deal of collected information on their site.  Subscription and fee based.  Mock drafts, injury updates, news and articles are the show stoppers here.

 Fantasy Sharks  –
If you’re a stats guy or if you buy into projections, this site is for you.  Fantasy Sharks is a stat monster and will satisfy the most cerebral fan out there.  –
nother stats superpower! has it all.  Sortable stats for players, teams, defense, offense etc.  You get the gist.

nother fantastic place for stats that you can sort, copy into Excel and message the data.  NFL.COM has every NFL player stat that you can imagine to help you shape an effective roster!